Read These

I read a lot. I average somewhere between 50-150 books a year. Some books are good, some books are dreadful, about one or two a year are so irredeemable awful I destroy them immediately. And some are touching, some are revolutionary, some change me and my perspective from within and without. I'd like to share some of these with you. I've included Amazon referral links for all of them, 1) because I really genuinely want everyone to read these books and 2) I earn money from it. You'll pay the same amount but Amazon gives me a chunk. And I bet I do a damn sight more with my money for good causes than Amazon does. So do consider these books, and I hope if you do acquire a copy of any of them, you will not be disappointed. I certainly wasn't.

This book was amazing. I am not a feminist, but I thought that Inga Muscio really covered a lot of issues that affect all women, regardless of their political stripe. The essential thesis is superficially about reclaiming the word "cunt" (an idea worth hearing out, even if the etymological claims that Inga makes regarding the word are quite frankly wrong), but is really an argument for how women need to take back control of our position and perception in society. A number of people who know me may be surprised that I would promote something like Cunt, but I really did enjoy it and it made me think, which is always the ultimate compliment for any book.