I used to be very into editing Wikipedia. Several media appearances came of it. The major one was being interviewed for an article in The Times, but I was also briefly featured in The Advocate, and wrote an article on the LGBT WikiProject I was running at the time in the American Library Association Roundtable Spring newsletter.


Student Direct, the Manchester University student newspaper, was kind enough to publish my article on exactly what I think of people who vote to ban fascists and then fail to vote against ID cards. Based on a rather angrier Facebook note that I wrote a week prior which may be read here (Warning: Extreme fury).

The first things I ever published was three articles, one every year for three years, detailing why I hated my life on an ezine that I avidly read at the time called Capital of Nasty. I hesitated to list them here because I originally wrote Why I Hate Being Fourteen as a way of bashing my best friend at the time for lying to me. Subsequent articles were more focused on their provisional titles, but they are nonetheless three years worth of bile directed at someone whom I loved (and love) deeply and just didn't have the emotional maturity to communicate with. However, they are an important part of my history and they do have a certain eloquence about them for all that they were written by an angsty, depressive teenager, so here they are:


  • There's a rather fantastic video here of the Bradford Burma Total blockade of October 2007, the first protest I ever went to. The blockade was also significant in that it was the first time that I and Jess ever met, though we totally didn't remember each other when we met the second time. We both swore blind that the other hadn't been there, and it wasnt until this video surfaced we realised otherwise. The event was also memorable because I was almost hit by a car that decided that the best way to deal with the blockade was to ram it. If you watch carefully, you can hear my squeaks of protest. :)